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Hands3 VR

Located in Causeway Bay

  • Located in Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay, right next to Times Square
  • Hong Kong's First Innovative Solo VR Experience, so you can enjoy VR without distractions
  • Provides individual VR lounges
  • Features state-of-the-art equipment for the best VR experience

What is Hands3VR
Hands3vr is a VR experience center with a primary focus on providing premium quality VR experience to the consumers in Hong Kong. Adequate isolation, complete immersion, and rich varieties are the core values for their services.

Why Hands3VR
Hands3VR positions themselves differently from other similar businesses. They realize the logistics of most VR arcades are not established in an ideal setup for a fully immersive experience. The typical setup usually puts different groups of people all together in the same open area and can cause a lot of noises and interferences for the players. Most importantly, people don’t feel comfortable when they subconsciously suspect strangers watching them play with awkward gestures, distracting them from the complete gaming experience. This distraction can lead to a higher chance of nausea when players are not in a perfectly synchronized state within the virtual world.

Almost all of the VR arcades provide only one type of VR headset (HTC Vive) with minimal to no additional accessories. Hands3VR wants to give their customers the privilege of having as many selections as possible on headsets, gadgets and room setup. Currently, they provide three headset selections, Oculus, Vive Pro and Vive. Oculus is a unique one as it hasn’t officially entered the Hong Kong market yet. It is light weighted and has a more intricate controller which offers a more realistic grabbing sensation and sets itself apart from its counterparts. It has a different system platform than the more common HTC Vive headset and often has exclusive game titles most consumers in Hong Kong has no access to. They will be introducing the Pimax headset, which offers 8k resolution display as compared to 2k for Oculus and Vive. Hands3VR wants to give Hong Kong consumers an experience of the top-notch (and expensive) headset without committing a lot of money.

Other Technology
They are committed to providing the latest VR technology besides just a better headset. They have LeapMotion, Subpac, Cybershoes (coming soon), and Knuckle controllers (coming soon). Leapmotion is a compelling accessory which brings your bare hands into VR and allows direct interactions without any use of a controller. You won’t appreciate the advancement of 21st-century technology until you have tried the LeapMotion!
Subpac is a wearable vest which can translate any audio into a physical form of vibration and allow you to sense music or sound effects in a deeply immersive way. Combined with a premium VR headset, it will bring your experience into a whole new level. Another not to be missed point is that all of their chairs can vibrate. More new exciting VR technology will be available soon, stay tuned!

Seated vs Standing
They provide both options for seating and standing experience. According to the study done by one of the largest VR companies, most users prefer playing VR seated. It allows users to get into a deeply immersed state inside virtual reality without worrying about running into things and getting physically exhausted. More than half of their customers prefer seating, and they usually play for 2 hours straight without taking any breaks! If you are someone who gets motion sickness very easily, a seated experience will be best for you!

Games selections
They provide more than 20 games, and the list keeps getting longer. The most popular games are the Marvel VR, PUBG VR, Vox Machinae, and Beat Saber.

Marvel VR
Unleash your rage and smash your foes in VR! You can become Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Thor and even Rocket. There are more than 18 superheroes for you to choose from. Come solo or with friends of 4 and fight Thanos together!

PUBG of Virtual Reality is one of the most popular FPS VR game. All details such as jumping off a parachute, searching for weapons, and even running over people with vehicles are very similar to the mobile or PC version. Come with a maximum of 9 friends and compete with people around the world to get your chicken dinner!

Vox Machinae
Have you ever imagined getting into the ultimate giant robot combat? Your dreams could finally come true. Vox Machinae is a robot action-simulator and allows you to control up to 8 types of machine with customizable weapons. Bring up to 8 friends, and you can do team match, deathmatch or co-op as you like. Combine with the vibrated chairs, Subpac and individual room, and you would feel like you are operating a real robot.

Beat Saber
Beat Saber is a game that revolutionizes the music gaming industry completely. The music, Tron themed graphics, and a pair of energy lightsabers will drive your artistic brain crazy. Come meet out staff Max, he is among the top Beat Saber players in the world. Beat him, and you can walk out of the game for free.

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Mon - Sun
HK$150/ Section
VR Discount Package
HK$1500/ hour
Upgrade Package
LEAPMOTION® - Hand Tracker: HK$40
SUBPAC® - Dynamic Vest: HK$40
HTC VIVEPRO® Wireless VR Headset: HK$200 / hour
*Min. charge: 1 Hour
Event Booking Quote
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*prices above are guide prices only supplied by the venue and may fluctuate depending on client requirements

Hands3 VR Details



up to 20 seated OR
up to 25 standing

Venue Size:

800 square feet


Front Portion, 3/F, No.9 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Event Hire Opening Hours:

Mon - Sun
11:00 - 23:00

Type of venue:

Party Room , Studio
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Amenities of Hands3 VR


  • 25 Standing
  • 20 Seated

Space & Layout

  • 800 sq.ft.
  • Private Room(s)

Technical Equipment

  • Custom Lighting​​
  • DJ Booth
  • PA System/ Microphone
  • Sound System
  • Wifi

Map to Hands3 VR

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