Company Profile

VenueHub is Hong Kong’s leading venue booking platform with 1,200+ memorable event spaces to choose from. The company has revolutionised how event spaces are sourced and booked.

For event bookers - the free, easy-to-use website and bespoke concierge service make it easier and faster to find and book the perfect venue, saving a huge amount of time and pain in the process. VenueHub also specialises in promoting unique or hard-to-find event spaces, offering bookers a wider range of exciting options. The site’s listings also contain essential information that is specifically required for planning events.

For venues - VenueHub is the most effective marketing and lead-generation platform in HK, generating a high volume of corporate and private event bookings. Partnering with VenueHub also unlocks access to a highly-engaged and targeted audience of 110,000+ site visitors/month (including planners from major corporate brands) at a fraction of the cost of other types of advertising.