Tips for finding the right catering service in Hong Kong


Are their menus and services flexible?

If you’ve decided what catering service to use for your event in Hong Kong, you should check how flexible they are in terms of providing custom menus and venue locations. Picking a caterer that won’t have to travel too far to reach your event will ensure the food is fresher, while having a menu perfectly suited to your guest’s tastes is always a bonus. 

Some caterers that offer flexible menus are Cateraway and French Angel Catering. Both are brilliant options for snacks, mains, desserts and more in a wide array of cuisines.


What are their cancellation and other policies?

Unforeseen circumstances can mean an event has to be postponed or even cancelled. Some catering services in Hong Kong have relaxed cancellation policies which allow you to modify your schedule with ease. Make sure you understand your chosen caterers’ terms and conditions before you lock down a deal. 


How experienced are Catering Services in Hong Kong with your chosen venue type?

Some catering providers are well-suited and experienced dealing with outdoor party venues, while others are best suited to indoor networking events, for example. This can have a knock-down effect on how smoothly the event is run and more. 


Consider what type of event you're hosting, and how the food can complement it.

Are you having a party? Is it a product launch? Whatever the type of event you’re running, having appropriate food is one of the most important things. Putting together quick and easy junk food might work wonders for a children’s party, but it won’t give off good impressions at formal events. 

It's a great idea to think about what caterers specialise in. While there are plenty that serve up  great savoury food, some fantastic options if you want more of a sweet touch to your event with dessert pieces are A Fun Kitchen and FB Solution.


Understanding how long Catering Services serve food

Some events may only require food catering services for an hour, while others might need it for a more flexible and longer period of time. Having food that’s only good when fresh won’t not be the best option for the latter. 

Find a caterer that allows tastings

If you’re banking on having a quality catering service for your event or party, you should probably test it for yourself first. Many catering service providers in Hong Kong will be happy to organise tastings. Make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.



Will you need staff from Catering Services in Hong Kong?

Most catering services in Hong Kong offer staff services, whether it’s for a birthday party or formal event. Think about how many (if any) you will need in advance and plan with the caterer in good time. 

Some more luxury catering options that provide great staffing options include Wilkinson Catering and Spiga Catering Services

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