The Quest for a Healthy Party

November 24, 2017

by VenueGuy

People have always continuously sought for ways to present their best side to others, no wonder the concept of “eat well but healthy” has been popular for a while already. Some may workout at the gym everyday while others may spend a lot on beauty products regularly to maintain the perfect body shape. When it comes to party time, however, it’s very hard to control food intake and thus you will usually find yourself have gained a few pounds after each party (although fats can keep you warm in winter…) Helfit Lifestyle Club understands this concern, making it the perfect place for hosting a healthy party!


Relentless studying and work will inevitably make you tired, so finding a relaxing place is essential for organizing a party – where you can chitchat with friends! Located in the heart of Hong Kong East, friends find Helfit convenient to access yet still a tranquil event venue. At Helfit, the Nordic decoration and subdued lighting can help make you feel mentally and physically relaxed.  


There’s no doubt that girls would love this cement flower-wall! Upon arrival, friends are crazily obsessed with the wall and keep taking tons of selfies! Just pose!


A month ago, Helfit was well-decorated with those little pumpkins to match the theme and both adults and kids just loved it so much. What would be featured in December? Traditional Christmas tree and Santa Claus decorations? Or something new? Really can’t wait for that! If there’s a specific theme for your party, you can also decorate the venue yourself and let it be a precious memory amongst your friends. 



Helfit’s greenery-landscaped terrace offers you the sense of being in an oasis. Especially on a bright and breezy day, it’s particularly suitable for mingling and meeting friends in an outdoor space!    


Isn’t the standard cocktail party kind of boring? Want some innovative ideas? Why not replace alcohol by fresh juice at your party? No matter if your goal is for weight loss or body-building, they both require a sustainable lifestyle. Helfit advocates that an ideal healthy lifestyle consists of three key elements: nutrition (70%), exercise (20%) and rest (10%). Therefore, beverages should be an easy starting point – fresh juice is healthier than alcohol and more important, it won’t cause a hangover on the next day!



Some might be afraid of over-eating at the party, Helfit therefore proudly presents healthy yet appetizing dishes that are well-designed by their registered nutritionist and star chef! If you take a closer look at the menu, the total calories for each dish is clearly stated so you won’t have to worry too much! After all, a professional team will take care of you. 



Yes, a party without entertainment might sound a bit dull. Exercise could also play a part of your party! The qualified instructors at Helfit can tailor yoga classes and fitness programs upon request as a party package, which could serve as team-building activities as well!


Give your colleagues, friends and yourself a healthy yet fun party at Helfit Lifestyle Club now! 

Venue - Helfit Lifestyle Club

Contact Number - 3595 3622

Venue Address - 3/F, KP Tower, 93 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Working Hours - Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

Venue Listing -

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