Take a Stroke at Strokes!

December 22, 2017

by VenueGuy

Too good it’s Friday and Christmas Eve is just the day after tomorrow! What happened if you realized that you forgot to book a party place and are in rush to sort it out in last minute? In Causeway Bay, you do not only enjoy crazy shopping in various shopping malls but also playing crazy golf while having a party. Strokes is the newest leisure spot in Fashion Walk Causeway Bay covering 9,000 sq. ft. Although Strokes will have the Grand Opening in January 2018, you may now start booking the slots during the soft launch (from 23rd December 2017) through VenueHub. Book your place before it gets crowded!

Warm Up and Take a Stroke

Strokes is an all-in-one leisure club which combines golf club, restaurant and bar in one place. When arriving at the entrance, you will see there’s a large pink “Vending Machine” which is fully filled with golf balls but not soft drinks! With that little golf hole in the front, isn’t it a perfect photo-taking point? Get a golf club, pose and take photos!



If hole-in-one is too easy, can you do hole-in-one 9 times in a row? This vivid and eye-catching field is a unique 9-hole Crazy Golf Course at Strokes ranging from beginners to advanced level, which allows you to take the challenges gradually. You will never find a place like Strokes somewhere else in Hong Kong! There is also a super wheel that all must take a chance and strive for the challenge. With such colorful set-up, it creates a pleasant and relaxing environment where you and friends can have a great party here!


Dining Combo

Strokes is a dining combo in the best way possible! The décor of the dining and bar area is well designed in pink tone color scheme that delivers an elegant and chic ambiance. Coupled with separate audio and lighting system in each area of the venue, you can adjust it based on own preference and party theme in order to make the best party ever!


Although most people go on green diet nowadays, you may want to take a break and indulge yourself in mouth-watering dishes at the party. With “Guilty Green” as the restaurant theme, the chef and the team cook in a sexy way so as to bring out the evil side of food. So put the calories aside and enjoy the party first!


Cute Pink Refrigerator

Many of you must rush over and open this lovely pink refrigerator when first saw it and cannot wait to unveil what is inside this!


Oh! There is another multi-purpose space with a mini bar behind this refrigerator door! Feel free to book this for your upcoming events, regardless private parties, conference/seminars, or any other team-building activities. Strokes is also equipped with a VIP room that is perfectly fit for small group gatherings!


Venue - Strokes

Contact Number - 3595 3622

Venue Address - G2-3,1/F, Fashion Walk, 9 Kingston St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Opening Hours - Monday to Thursday: 11:30-01:00; Friday: 11:30-03:00; Saturday: 10:30-03:00; Sunday: 10:30-23:00

Venue Page - https://www.venuehub.hk/venues...

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