Siu Lam BBQ by the Beach

July 24, 2018

by VenueGuy

All parents want to give their precious children the very best – regardless of whether it’s education or entertainment. Time flies and it is already July meaning it’s summer holiday which is a great time to forget about studying for a while. Whether you are traveling overseas or stay in Hong Kong, the summer holidays are the best time of year for the kids to relax and enjoy themselves. So it’s perfect timing for the brand new B. Duck Water Park which has recently opened in Whitehead & Siu Lam for the summer months. A fantastic place to “Eat, Drink, Plan and have Fun!”


The First and Largest B.Duck Water Park in Hong Kong.
Whitehead Barbecue Park & Siu Lam Barbecue Park is now open!

A few weeks later than planned due to the unstable weather, the B.Duck water park at Whitehead Barbecue site and Siu Lam Barbecue site officially opened on June 24th. A collaboration with B.Duck making this the largest Water Park in Hong Kong and the only one with two different themes.

Whitehead Water Park: B.Duck Bathroom Party

Everyone has childhood memories of taking a bath and having their rubber duck there with them. Well, B.Duck has come back this summer.


Siu Lam X B.Duck Beach Party

If you talk about Summer, "Sunshine" and "Beach" are a perfect match. A B.DUCK beach party & carnival is the ultimate fun in the sun!


Highlights of 2018.

  • The brand new B.Duck water inflator
  • Brand new theme for photo shoots
  • 4 meter high B.DUCK giant doll
  • Play with B.DUCK - set up a pool that is filled with hundreds of B DUCK floating ducks
  • Special Friday (27/7, 10/8, 31/8)
  • It is now possible to buy a full-day pass which allows for unlimited re-entry on the day (only 20 available per day).
  • Booking tickets online is convenient and quick.
  • The first batch of B.DUCK water items will be on sale. So B.Duck fans don't miss out!

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