LET THE PARTY BEGIN – 4 top tips for parties and gatherings, HK style!

January 28, 2016

Ever wanted to throw a party, local style!? Organising a party is a big commitment with lots to talk about and we have so many ideas to organize a wonderful gathering. So lets sum up 4 general tips for hold a great party for you today, HK style!

1 - Party Theme / Venue

First of all, a Party Theme is the most important issue to consider.
You need to know what kind of party you want, eg, a Birthday party, Wedding Party, Company Anniversary or just a House Party for a gathering? Then, you should think about the party theme in terms of colour, style or special features.
Next step is the party venue. You might remember in previous posts showing there are many different types of venues in Hong Kong. These include art galleries, hotels, Banqueting Rooms, Multipurpose Spaces, Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs and the increasingly popular Party Rooms for small scale gatherings.

Check out below party venues in local style we recommend if you are wanting to be creative!

BALL ROOM (Lai Chi Kok)


Sand House HK

35Buddies Studio

2 - Party Decoration

For party themes, we also suggest decorating the party venue to create a fun and special atmosphere to your guests! Set the mood by using different decorations you love for the party such as the backdrop, decorations such as balloon, flower display, candles…etc. Fill your themed party room with loads of creative variety. Make it special and unforgettable!
Did you know parties also have trends? Just like fashion trends! Big balloons and photo props are current hit items for party decorations!

By the way, most of the local Party Rooms are all decorated with funny themes and styles. Which one(s) do you like?



3 - Party Entertainment

Worried about keeping your guests entertained? Having a Photo Booth is one cool idea to create some happy and funny moments. Set up a Photo Booth with all decorations to creative wonderful memories at the party.
Another little tip here - music makes up an important role in creating the party vibe you are looking for. So choose music carefully! Spend time making those playlists! Lastly, a themed party gift is the best way to make sure your guests won't forget their happy experience of your party when they're home!

See the two party venues below which are great for photo-taking!

Studio Party Space

Hap Laboratory

4 - Party food

After considering the above, there is only one thing missing! The Party Food! Think hard about the party menu for lunch, dinner or snacks in the party. Going one step further, you can style your party food to fill the theme by making homemade dessert or cupcakes. Plus, you also could make some homemade cocktails for easy way to get the party started! Need a crazy idea? What about a candy or chocolate bar buffet? Buy some candy or chocolate that coordinates in colour with your own party theme.

Everyone loves some sweet treats in the party, how about throwing a party with "all-you-can-eat" treats?

Tartes & Pop

Are you ready to have a fun and well-orangnised party with your family or friends in coming holidays? What are you waiting for? Its prefect time to start to plan it step by step!

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