Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!

March 15, 2018

by VenueGuy

All parents want to give their precious kids the very best – regardless of whether it’s education or entertainment. Easter is coming in two weeks, have you made any plans yet? Some parents might have already booked the flights and are ready to travel with their children. But for those who are not flying somewhere else, no need to be disappointed! There are still ways to have some quality time with kids, so you still need to get yourself ready! There are quite a lot of diversified venues on VenueHub suitable for kids at different ages, VenueGuy this time has selected three popular kids party venues that are all perfect for spending a family day or hosting a kid’s party there!

Best Option for Family Gathering - 《Happy Express》

Located in the heart of Kwun Tong, 《Happy Express》covers an area of 1,700 sq. ft. and provides a variety of entertainment facilities for you and your kids! This venue is specially designed for family parties and gatherings, in which, the dedicated play zone is prefect area for kids to hang around including small ball pit, mini slide, small tent, and more. Of course, parents are not going to just sit there and watch them play!

Papa zone is equipped with an array of video games involving Switch, PS4, VR whereas moms can enjoy karaoke fun while playing board games on the other side. Not to mention, other facilities like electric mahjong, American pool and ping pong table are also available to cater the need of every family member! 《Happy Express》offers non-alcoholic drinks for all guests, too. With both a dining area and an open bar set up, it is certainly not a problem to have a drink or two! A large backdrop is also available for various events upon request.

New Playground in Comfy Japanese Style – DREAM ROOM

Also situated in Kwun Tong, DREAM ROOM is one of a few venues in town that uses natural elements like forest and ocean as the design blueprint. With an area of 5,000 sq. ft., this new comfy indoor playground in Japanese style delivers kids an exceptional play experience! This venue consists of four game areas taking care of kids at different ages. Toddlers’ Cottage (for kids aged 2 or below) allows parents to teach little babies how to create using small blocks. Kids’ Camping Site (for kids aged 2-6) simulates them camping in the countryside with different puzzle games available, while there is a little game on the wall which is used to train their STEM ability. On the other hand, Mountain Railway Station (for kids aged 2-12) is where kids can play with model cars and take a ride on small toy cars. 

Marine Slide & Ball Pool (for kids aged 6-12) must be the kids’ favorite part after all! Most of them like going up from the climbing wall, then sliding down the wooden slides and straight to the giant ball pool! This venue is also very considerate in that it is equipped with nursery and breastfeeding rooms. 

Hidden Gem feat. Two-level Castle – W Party House 

The interior design of this 2,400 sq. ft. W Party House is simple, but the decoration has never been disappointing and the venue has thus becoming a hidden gem in Whampoa. Sunlight comes through the big windows, further enhancing the overall sense of spaciousness. This venue can be divided into three main event spaces - multipurpose area, castle zone, and dining area respectively. The cement wall becomes a 200” super large screen that makes the picture bigger and wider while watching movies and playing video games! Together with a PA system all set up, it is ideal place for family gatherings and kids parties.


The two-level castle (for kids aged under 10) with a maximum capacity of 30 kids is indeed the most appealing facility at the venue. There are different obstacles inside the castle, but it is still sufficient for children to climb up and down! 


While kids are playing at the castle, parents are still able to monitor them clearly from the dining area - giving them peace of mind! There is also an open kitchen where you can easily prepare your party food or just heat up a delivery there!


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