"Event Expert" series - Insights from The Space

June 21, 2015

VenueHub co-founder Adam Whiting is out and about again. This time he drops in to catch up with the good folk at The Space, who were one of VenueHub’s first venue clients. Below he chats with Victoria Foot, The Space’s Events and Marketing Manager.


With a prominent location towards the West end of bustling Hollywood Road, and only a 10-minute walk from Central, the opening of The Space was one of the first indications that the landscape of Sheung Wan was changing dramatically.

Around a decade ago, Sheung Wan was very much a “traditional” part of Hong Kong – widely-known for its antique shops, dried seafood, Chinese medicine stores and of course the Grade 1-listed Man Mo Temple. In contrast, The Sheung Wan of 2015 boasts trendy wine bars, upmarket coffee shops and art galleries and exudes a gentrified, “hip” vibe, although it does still maintain aspects of its traditional ambiance. This quirky combination of the old and new, along with a close proximity to Central has made it once of Hong Kong’s coolest and most desirable areas.

The Space, an expansive 3,500ft² two-storey space, has long been established as one of Hong Kong’s best multipurpose event venues, and is a great example of the “old” making way for the “new”. A former meatpacking warehouse, the venue is generously proportioned, incredibly flexible and boasts an enviable range of technical facilities (including a fully-equipped kitchen). The Space has just about hosted every type of event over the course of its lifetime, and given its “blank canvas” nature, often feeds off the imagination of the client.

Below, I chat with Victoria from The Space to get some further insights into the venue:

AW - Describe to us what The Space is about in under 25 words:

VF - The Space is THE multipurpose arts and events location in Hong Kong. YOUR space to create parties, pop-ups and exhibitions… you’re only limited by your imagination…

AW - The Space is no longer the new kid on the block. Can you give us some insights into the HK events industry in general based on your experiences?

VF - The pop-up industry in Hong Kong has boomed significantly over the last two years. Brands are keen to think outside the box and use event companies to come up with new concepts and exciting alternatives.

Private parties are becoming more common with clients preferring to use unusual spaces to make their own over the more mainstream venues such as hotels.

AW - Being well-established, has that helped you get more business? Or has it been more difficult to attract clients back when new multipurpose spaces are opening all the time?

VF - The variety and quantity of events we hold at The Space targets a very wide demographic of people in Hong Kong. This certainly aids business as clients feel comfortable and confident with the venue having been here frequently before. We have regular clients who use The Space but it’s also exciting when we get enquiries from clients we have never worked with…

AW - From The Space's point of view, what is the perfect event to host? What really lights The Space's fire?

VF - We love events that totally transform The Space so that it is almost unrecognisable. This really brings out the creative industries in Hong Kong which is a hugely exciting business to be involved in. It’s fascinating to watch the array of different events come and go daily - from fashion shows to art exhibitions to private parties and so on.

AW - Sheung Wan has changed significantly in the last 5 years - how do you see the area further evolving in the future and how will The Space fit into that?

VF - The term “So Old, Yet So New” is perfectly apt for the gentrification of Sheung Wan. Dating back to 1841 with Possession Street as the official landing point of Hong Kong the district has transformed into a trendy enclave of restaurants, galleries and boutiques.

Our other business, The Cat Street Gallery, first opened its doors over eight years ago and has seen Sheung Wan evolve drastically. As we work closely with our neighbours, it will continue to do so and we can’t wait to see what’s next in store…


Did you know that if you book The Space on VenueHub, you will get an exclusive 5% discount on the rental fee? Enquire to The Space here: https://www.venuehub.hk/venues/the-space

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