Coronavirus Updates: Temporary Venue Closures And Event Restrictions

April 06, 2020

Like other countries around the world, Hong Kong is taking aggressive measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Below we have summarized the key points relevant to those planning and hosting an event. Please note – these measures are for everyone’s benefit, both organizers’ and visitors’.

Here's everything we know about Hong Kong limits on public gatherings and temporary venue closures (Last updated on May 5):

Beauty salons, game centres, gyms, cinemas, mahjong parlours and public entertainment venues will be allowed to resume business, subject to extra precautions including temperature checks, the use of surgical masks and restrictions on the number of customers.


Karaoke facilities, night clubs and party rooms will remain shut.

‧Requirements for Catering Business 

Restaurants and other catering facilities must continue to adhere to the 1.5-metre distancing rule between tables, though the limit on the number of customers per table will be raised from four to eight.

Measures like compulsory mask wearing, a limit of four people per table and a distance of 1.5 metres between tables will remain in place.

‧Requirements to reduce gatherings

(These restrictions will be extended until May 7)

‧The prohibition of group gatherings with more than four people in public places.

‧Any person who contravenes the regulation shall be liable to a maximum fine of $25,000 or imprisonment for six months.

‧Exempted group gatherings are listed below :

For the purposes of or related to transportation
‧Performing any governmental function
‧Performing any duty of a statutory body or an advisory body of the Government
‧Group gathering at a place of work for the purposes of work
‧Providing, obtaining or receiving hospital or healthcare service at a healthcare facility
‧Group gathering of persons living in the same household
‧For the conduct of proceedings in a court, magistrates' court or tribunal
‧For the proceedings in the Legislative Council or a District Council
‧Group gathering during a funeral or any other occasion for mourning for or remembering a deceased who has yet to be buried or cremated (including any ritual or ceremony held in the vicinity of the place where the deceased died or suffered fatal injury to mourn for the death of the deceased)
‧Not more than 50 persons during a wedding ceremony at which no food or drink is served
‧Group gathering at a meeting of a body that must be held within a specified period in order to comply with any Ordinance or other regulatory instrument that governs the operation of the body or its business

‧For imparting information or skills, or handling supplies or items, that are conducive to the prevention and control of the specified disease

Useful websites with more information about actual situation:

The Government has been reviewing the feasibility of relevant measures and will make adjustments on a timely basis in view of the latest development of the disease.

We will continue to keep you updated. Stay safe and healthy!

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