Christmas Dining At Home: Your Ultimate Guide

December 03, 2020

Let’s face it – the holidays will look remarkably different this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate during covid.

The key to safe and healthy Christmas plans is to keep them as intimate as possible. If your idea of the ultimate Christmas feast is at home with a selected few souls, then festive catering and takeaways are perfect for you. All that's left for you to do now is set the table at home and eat up!

Check out these restaurants and shops doing good deals on delivery and takeaway:


Feather & Bone

The Premium butcher and delicatessen offer everyone a chance to get creative and get cooking this Christmas. With a selection of ready-to-cook and pre-made centrepieces, dining in this Christmas is both simple and delicious. 



Porterhouse has all your festive turkey needs covered including whole organic turkey delivery direct to your home, or our beautifully crafted set dinner menu. Inspired by European festive food traditions, Porterhouse are offering a Festive Turkey Party Menu  consists of a six-kilogram organic roasted turkey with pickled lemon and cranberry sauce, as well as a range of sides like brussels sprouts, mashed potato, roasted pumpkin, and garlic and chilli broccoli. 


Spiga Catering Services

Spiga offers a selection of exquisite Italian cuisine by Michelin Star Chef, delivered to your door. Their philosophy is to adapt their packages to make the most incredible event for you. They offer personalized services including your favourite cocktail or cake and any special equipment rental.



Foodieman brings you a generous helping of fresh-from-the-water seafood, hand-selected and perfectly portioned. The signature products feature premium fresh seafood, snacks, ham and cheese, giving you a euphoria of options to choose from. 


Natural Beverages

Looking for that perfect wine bottle for Christmas? We've got you covered with this exclusive importer of the best French organic wines! Pair Natural's premium wines and spirits with your favourite Christmas recipes.


GIK Wine

Forget red and white, now blue wine is a thing · The blue wine is composed of a mixture of red and white grapes, obtained from wineries in France and Spain. Despite its artificial appearance, the wine's strange hue is actually natural, created from anthocyanin, a pigment in grape skins, and a dye called indigotine which is extracted from plants. 2020 already the weirdest year we've seen, don't be afraid to try something new!


Too busy to pick up the takeout? 

The Lalamove courier service could be just what you’re looking for! Simply schedule a courier to pick up the meal from your chosen address and then track their progress on-route to their drop off location. You can even set up a multiple location pick-in by scheduling a multi-stop order.


VenueHub followers can enjoy $30 off on the first order at LALAMOVE*, use the promotion code   "LAVENUE"  to save money on your next delivery.


*This offer only available for the new user of LALAMOVE

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