Best Junk and Boat Venues for the Perfect Party or Event

April 19, 2017

By Chris Thomson - Guest Blogger

Residents and visitors alike rejoice – that quintessentially Hong Kong time of year known as junk season is back. So be it with friends or clients, many or few, host your next event on the waterfront, because sometimes an ocean view simply isn't close enough.

Much like the horizon, reasons to charter seem to stretch out forever. Catching up with friends, impressing out-of-towners, team-building, improving client relations, celebrating weddings and birthdays: it seems there's no occasion junks are the wrong venue for.

Jaspas Junks

 Jaspas Junks by Castelo Concepts

At least that's the impression you'll get aboard a Jaspa's Junk, reminiscing about old memories while creating new ones with your nearest and dearest aboard a floating, private open bar gorging from Jaspas party junk menu. Perfect for any occasion, Jaspas were the originators of the catered junk experience and still to this day, few do it better. 

Or if you'd prefer something a bit different, perhaps Tarzan or Jungle Jane are more your speed, where the class of seated dining will satisfy the grown up in you while the kid in you lounges around on beanbags and whizzes down the inflatable slide. Also popular with corporates wanting a more unique evening event experience- these boats can take in the delights of Victoria Harbour with a dinner menu to match!

Jungle Jane

Jungle Jane by Hong Kong Yachting

Swankier still, M Yachts offers Infinity Eight, Ferretti 690 and Sunseeker 53 for a range of event types from the sleek and stylish cinema-goer's dream to the sporty thrill-seeker's paradise. Hong Kong's high rollers certainly know how to bask in the sun's glow and with these three can bring their high-end corporate clients with them.

Fret not, do-it-yourselfers, for even though VenueHub caters for you, not all of its junk options do, which is why Nextwave Charters boats including Junk 30  and Junk 55, the latter being able to host up to 55 people, are great in allowing you to bring your own F&B, though both do offer packages as well. All their junks are priced very competitively and if its a simple junk you are seeking, these are worth looking at. The company also boasts its flagship boat, Nextwave Island - which boasts an awesome water slide and many other great new features. Indeed this is a really one of a kind boating experience!

And what list of Hong Kong boating options would be complete without a mention of the iconic Star Ferry ? Guests on this water tour can experience Hong Kong's harbour as a proud tradition has seen them do since 1898 on what National Geographic lists as one of the world's Top 10 City Boat Trips. National Geographic Traveler once named the Star ferry crossing at Victoria Harbour as one of 50 places of the lifetime! Not many know it can be easily rented for an event or party!

To make your special day stand out, why not have your wedding on the water?

The Knot (pictured below) gives an intimate setting enabling 55 guests to witness your ceremony at the semi-outdoor glass chapel on the upper deck, then it's straight to the reception in the lower deck vintage hall.

the knot

Bauhinia, another popular wedding boat below, serves a setting and spread for the grander group, accommodating over 350 passengers for weddings as well as corporate events. Either way, guests will have the best view of Hong Kong's world-renowned laser show. And both boats will make for exceptional wedding photos to cherish for a lifetime.


For more options, check out VenueHub's full list here

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