Anatomy of a Perfect VenueHub Listing

October 14, 2013

With the number of locations on VenueHub increasing, venue owners need to maximise the impact of their listings. To do this, there are several practical steps that they can take in order to make their listing stand out and be as informative and appealing to venue seekers as possible.

Oolaa's listing on VenueHub. Click here to view this on the site

1. Make those photos count

VenueHub has been specifically designed to place a heavy emphasis on photographs and virtual tours. Why? Our research prior to launch indicated that these visual cues are of paramount importance to anyone booking a venue. You wouldn't book a hotel room or buy a flat when there aren't any photos on display, why should this be any different with booking a venue?

Obviously, the better quality and more varied a venue's photos, the more chance they have at creating a positive impression. It's also worth picking a punchy, colourful photograph as your "default" photo, as this will be the thumbnail image that users will see in search listings.

*As a guide, because of the popup gallery, photos on VenueHub will display best when at least 1024 pixels across. But our team will be happy to resize down from larger resolution source photos.

2. "Features & Amenities" should feature

Does your bar show live sport? Does your gallery have extensive kitchen facilities? If so, then it is worth including these details in this section. Quite simply, the more useful information you can provide venue seekers, the more chance you have of securing an enquiry.

3. 720° Virtual Tour - Full visitor immersion as standard

Whether a venue has one of these depends on what subscription they have signed up for, but the benefits of a VT are clear; the user will have a much more complete impression of the venue space than they would from even well-produced photographs. But we like to think of these as not only a useful add-on tool but something that can really showcase your venue and show it in its best light. This is thanks to years of experience in producing these and access to the finest photographers and post-production experts. If you're in any doubt, check out the Café Deco virtual tour to see how a VT can bring a venue to life.

4. Venue Description

Again, the same rule applies as for #2. The more informative and appealing the venue description, the more likely a visitor will be to click that big "CONTACT" button. From a technical standpoint, it is worth considering relevant SEO keywords in this area as well – we're seeing more and more click-throughs to individual venue pages from search engine results pages.

5. PDF Download - A powerful supplementary feature

This is a relatively new feature on the site, but a powerful one. PDFs of seasonal packages, special offers, menus and anything else are well worth including in this area.

6. Venue Inspiration Photos - A chance to inspire

This is the perfect place to give your venue some context. Had a glamorous product launch or wine tasting recently? Photos of these events can be hugely inspirational and give your venue further credibility.

7. Chinese Translation - Covering all visitor bases

Our Chinese site is launching this week. Wherever possible, venues should submit their details in Traditional Chinese.

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