A Perfect Guide to Team Building Activities

April 20, 2018

by VenueGuy

 “Alone we can do so little, together we can do much” – I believe this speaks for the majority. Having good bosses and colleagues while engaging in a nice working environment can make your life easier and smoother. At the same time, it is an essential lesson for all companies to maintain good teamwork and morale to increase the team’s overall efficiency and effectiveness. More firms nowadays invest heavily and focus on corporate training and carry out different team building activities on a regular basis, so that employees can (temporarily) forget about work and have some fun! There are various venues on VenueHub suitable for team building activities regardless of the party size, VenueGuy this time has selected three unique and interesting venues that await your next event!

Relish The Moment of Cooking and Baking – Hong Kong New Oriental Culinary Art

Located 3 minutes away from Fortress Hill Station, Hong Kong New Oriental Culinary Art delivers an exceptional cooking and baking experience. Covering an area of about 2,600 sq.ft., this venue consists of three classrooms with a maximum capacity of 50 guests. It is fully equipped with professional cooking machines and facilities. Their dessert class is the most popular session among all the corporate clients! Don’t need to be afraid if you are a beginner as the instructor is always here to help.


Guests can choose own preferred lesson, or the instructor can tailor the class based on your event requirements. Chick Macaroons for example, the guests will be divided into few groups of 2 starting from scratch and are required to follow the instructor’s demonstration step-by-step. Each team can have 8 pieces of macaroons when finished, and you can enjoy it straight away or bring home and share with your friends and family!


There is also a Western and Coffee classroom that allow guests to cook western dishes and learn coffee art in one place without any hassle!


Battle in a Mysterious Spaceship - LASERMADS

If you are searching for a unique and fun venue for team building activities, LASERMADS could be an option! Causeway Bay has always been an entertainment hub, and LASERMADS in one of the popular venues in this vibrant and exciting part of town. Upon arrival, the guests will immediately be covered by smoke – you have reached the home of this spaceship! This 3,000 sq.ft. LASERMADS is the one and only spaceship-themed laser tag station is Hong Kong, bringing you a new sci-fi laser battle experience that Hong Kong people have never had before! The interior design is simple, yet gives an intense sense of mystery when coupled with the black battlefield maze.


Before splitting into teams, the staff will introduce you the equipment and explain the rules. Each game lasts for 12 minutes, and you can earn points by shooting the enemy team but also through completing additional missions at designated stations. After several rounds of battling, it should become clearer whether he/she is an enemy or a friend at/after work!


Call for All Climbing Enthusiasts – Verm City Climbing Club

Situation in Quarry Bay, Verm City Climbing Club boasts an area of almost 20,000 sq.ft. and can accommodate up to 400 guests – making it the largest professional indoor rock climbing gym in Hong Kong. This venue is not only a home of climbing lovers but also perfect for hosting a variety of activities such as team building events! The Rock Climbing area provides rock climbing experience at various levels, ranging from Bouldering, to top rope and leading wall. There is also an Augmented Wall which projects graphics onto a climbing wall and records your movements while interacting with those graphics, and thus offers a new kind of interactive fun. 

Verm City-01

On the other side, “Clip N Climb” combines the concept of amusement park and rock climbing and offers fun climbing games that are suitable for all age. There are 18 types of climbing games and facilities at different level of difficulty including Stairs to Heaven, SO Ball and Vertical Drop Slide.

Verm City-02

What’s more, you can arrange your own catering here and enjoy a big feast in the dining area or book the private room in advance!

Verm City-03

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